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Our Products


Exile Global Technologies (EGT) is the creator and sole manufacturer of ET-21, a fly-ash and resin based product designed to:

  • Compliment or replace concrete in interiors
  • Provide a lightweight base to create new and existing surfaces and products

ET-21 is commonly used as table tops, bench seat tops, decorative tiles and wall dividers.  It can also be cast into sculptural pieces, sanded, cut and machined.

ET-21 is suitable for both domestic and commercial use, e.g. Food Court at Melbourne Central.

ET-21 Benefits:

  • Water resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Lightweight and buoyant
  • Insulating
  • Suitable for areas with weight issues
  • Appearance can be altered, e.g. use of shell grit to give an ancient appearance or marble chips for Terrazzo style, etc.
  • Heat resistant, .e.g. as a kitchen counter top, can withstand placement of hot pots and pans for a period of time
  • 3 colours available - off-white, grey and charcoal. (Other colours can be arranged).

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